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Pink lemonade - recipe

The long-awaited return of the world's most famous doll to the big screens is coming soon. To celebrate, we suggest a lemonade worthy of the biggest fans of pink! All you need is a few ingredients that you probably already have at home, a few minutes to prepare and you will get the most beautiful drink for hot summer days!

For 4 servings, prepare:

- 6 lemons

- simple syrup (we will tell you how to prepare it)

- 1l of water (if you like bubbles, get sparkling)

- 1 beetroot

- mint/lemon/fruit for decoration

1. Prepare sugar syrup - dissolve about ¼ cup of sugar in as little boiling water as possible (add water until all the sugar dissolves, stirring constantly)

2. Peel and cut the lemons into smaller pieces and squeeze the juice from them in the Vintage Cuisine Slow Juicer

3. Peel and cut the beetroot into smaller pieces (remember to use gloves, otherwise you can expect pink fingers!), squeeze the juice out of it using the Vintage Cuisine slow juicer.

4. In a large jug, mix lemon juice, water and sugar syrup (to taste), then gradually add beetroot juice to the mixture to get the perfect shade of pink!

5. Serve in tall glasses with ice and garnish. Voila!

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Genialny przepis! Idealny na premierę Barbie 😍

Genialny przepis! Idealny na premierę Barbie 😍

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